Great piece on hybrid work by Deloitte Casey Quirk. Their insights closely match our observations from our four-part Leadership in Hybrid Work series.

Especially worth highlighting are the 5 C’s of why maximizing in-person work matters: Creativity, Collaboration, Coaching, Culture, and Conflict Resolution.

“Successful leaders will recognize and address the positive case for virtual work that can be made in any one of the five C’s. For example, the argument can be made that collaboration is actually more effective in a virtual environment as virtual technology creates a more democratic and accessible discussion environment…Whatever the case to be made is, CEOs and business leaders should be well prepared to address the virtual counterargument for in-person work. Employees are savvy enough to detect bad-faith arguments and superficial messages; effectively influencing them will require compelling arguments stemming from the true benefits of in-person work. The message itself will be as, if not more, important than the medium of communication—frequent town hall meetings, Q&A sessions with firm leadership, employee bulletins or other channels, etc.”

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