Great to see a wider range of firms adopting best in class hybrid workplace solutions, co-located continuity and gains, while highlighting and taking advantage of more flexible employee experiences. This is the smart way to get the best of both worlds. Once again, however, this puts a spotlight on senior leadership to take up the challenge to get the most benefit out of in person time, and to fill the gaps through technology through a more extensive remote work force. Bridgewater Associates seems to be iterating towards a particularly creative solution; “[The firm’s] employees returned to its office in late October for the first time in a year and a half, and the hedge fund is requiring most employees to work from the office two to three days a week, with Wednesday designated as an-all company day, deputy CEO Nir Bar Dea said in an email. ‘Our goal remains to create an on-campus experience that feels like a perk and a privilege for all of our employees.” By Lydia Tomkiw

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