Great reporting by Sonya Swink of Ignites/Financial Times on succession planning, probably the most talked about subject with our clients on a regular basis over the last 2-3 years. Our clients are always trying to figure out how to plan ahead and create resilience in their organizational design. It starts with a great culture that lowers turnover and encourages leaders to be more thoughtful about changes. Planning ahead and ensuring that every assessment cycle with employees includes discussions about career tracks, future opportunities, and plans for career training and development to achieve those goals are critical. Human resources teams can then systematize and document the process so that planning and follow-up can be more consistent and reliable, and accountability can be built in through peer pressure up into the leadership team.

Succession planning is a really great topic that is ageless and can always use more attention in every organization we work with. Call us any time for advice and counsel on these complex organizational management topics; we can provide market intelligence on the competitive landscape.

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