What an incredible evening, joining over 700 friends last night at the Toigo Foundation Gala in NYC. The evening accelerated a tradition of inclusivity that stretches back over 30 years. We gained confidence and were energized in all our inclusivity efforts to see former Toigo Fellows and professional friends Shundrawn Thomas and Francis Idehen speak about their experiences, think about the impact of 1,700 other Toigo Fellows, and witness the growing roster of corporate allies.

Shundrawn’s wisdom on not just expanding DEI efforts in the office, but expanding your worldview, was a moving and powerful message. Paraphrasing, he advised:

1. Use your power: Pay it forward.
2. Make a sacrifice: Give of your time, talent, and treasure.
3. Open the eyes of your heart: Chose to see people beyond normal social constructs like race and class.

If you missed the NYC event, make a point to get to Los Angeles for the November 17 west coast event. I will join you there, again!

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