“Big Tech is unable to fix its big content problem alone. A solution will require a coordinated effort across many partners to make this a global priority. Similar to climate change, the future of our collective wellbeing is at stake… With most public discourse happening on only a handful of platforms, each run by a now middle-aged techie man, the failure of judgment, abuse of power, and bias toward their own interests and values at the expense of society are not just likely, but certain. A small group of digital kings make unilateral decisions about which speech is allowed, who can speak, and how rules are enforced, with little transparency and no accountability.” By Tom Siegel 

It is vital that we act to remedy the fraudulent and/or biased content problems facing big tech and society at large. The efficacy of longer-term social justice, diversity, and representation initiatives can severely be hampered by fake news and suppressed speech. Tom Siegel’s suggestions of a way forward require a commitment to a tough road ahead, but tackling this issue now is crucial for our society, as well as mental and physical health.

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