From our friends at Vestigo Ventures, attending the recent New York City Fintech Week events, this is another perspective on the accelerating trends in technology that are impacting every aspect of the #investment business:

“There was a lot of buzz around AI. It’s not surprising that fast-moving business people focus on innovative ways to use new technology to improve all aspects of their targeted markets. This is true not only for the entrepreneurs we met but also for those leading innovation at insurance companies, banks, asset managers and tech companies. With all the uncertainty floating around, it feels like a certainty that the wave stemming from the newest versions of AI/ ML will change the world.

“To get a sense of how fast this will impact our economy, just look at this chart by Kyle Hailey, which is so effective in showing the adoption curve of various consumer technologies. Think about the fast pace at which streaming movies and music changed their industries. Now compare that to AI coming to your business at the pace seen with ChatGPT!”

These developments are impacting every search we work on, and we look forward to speaking with you about how we can be helpful with industry best practices, organizational management, and recruiting issues.