Diversity Recruiting Is a Core Focus.

Wilbanks Partners llc continues to be a leader in diversity recruiting, with nearly half of our successful candidates representing diverse cohorts. Our success is not about a diverse slate on each search, as we believe this is a poor measure of progress. It is about results.

We have led major initiatives in this area in the last decade at three major investment firms. The results were both in the “C” Suite, including a Chief Investment Officer, the Heads of Distribution for two different firms, as well as multiple placements at the investment analyst and portfolio manager level for another major East Coast suburban investment company.

Diverse successful candidates are the result of the extra time we spend coaching our clients on sub-conscious biases and unintentional micro-messaging that negatively impacts recruiting outcomes. We have invested significantly over the last decade networking with a wide range of minority support associations that gives us a much broader source of prospects and referees in important target markets, as we regularly “get out of our comfort zone.”

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