The Women in ETFs Breakfast at the Exchange ETFs conference was a home run. It is so exciting to see over 300 professionals come together to support women in the industry. I encourage everyone with a toe in the water with ETFs to join this group and be part of the network. There are now over 8,000 individual members, over 50 corporate sponsors and a world of opportunity to encourage women to continue to play a leadership role in the industry.
I can remember just a decade ago being cajoled by Joanne Hill at my client ProShares to attend my first Women in ETFs breakfast event in February in Florida when it was just 50 professionals, mostly women, having coffee in the hotel lobby at the Inside ETFs conference.
Now as a member of the association, it is great to know that an increasing number of friends in the industry can count on my allyship, whatever the call. Thanks to the hundreds of volunteers that make it all possible.

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