In recognition of Black History Month, we would like to recognize Carter Woodson‘s pioneering efforts in 1915 to raise awareness of black history as part of the 50th celebration of Emancipation that year. Woodson’s vision of celebrating the progress of justice in America, while still recognizing the extensive roadblocks to hashtag#equality and hashtag#inclusion and motivating everyone to speak out and champion advancement, is a lesson in civic duty.

The challenges of justice and equality are no less urgent today than in 1915. Though we are encouraged by the visibility and data that support the progress of over a century of advocacy since that time, we are faced with a resurgence of resistance to inclusion in our society, with over 1/3 of American voters actively motivated by vocal racism amplified by major political figures.

We will be using Black History Month this year to call out our peers in finance and financial services who, perhaps inadvertently, facilitate the ongoing racism in the public dialogue through their tolerance of these political figures.

Stay safe, stay in touch, and speak out against injustice. Thank you, Dr. Daryl Michael Scott, for this excellent read.

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